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Donate now to keep our youth connected.

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It is estimated that a student drops out of school every nine seconds in the United States. Young people between the ages of 16-24 who are not in school and not working a “disconnected” youth, often drop out of school after prolonged periods of disengagement due to multiple factors. Individuals with a high school diploma are employed at a rate of 76%. The employment rate for those without high school credentials drops to 57%.

We need your help to keep youth engaged in learning, stay in school and earn a college degree. Every dollar makes a difference in providing mentoring programs, pre-college, and college readiness programs, and resources to ensure positive outcomes for youth and teens in our communities. Linking students and success consists of multiple pathways of intervention and recovery.

L.E.E.P TO COLLEGE needs your support to continue to provide students beginning with students in middle school community-based services that offer support to local schools, students, and parents. Programs focusing on evidence-based academic support, partnerships, and wrap-around services have found success within the county.

Your donation will directly benefit disconnected youth and connect them to success. Your donation will help youth continue to be engaged in their education and succeed. Every dollar builds a legacy, builds our community, and empowers our youth. Give today!

Please consider giving to one of our scholarships. These funds are directly given to the schools where the students we serve attend. Every dollar counts towards the path to a college education.